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Novell and Ximian "Often cast as the peacemaker in free software disputes, Bruce Perens is on the warpath. When we caught up with him, he wasn't in a mood to be charitable to Novell. On Friday the Utah company, which markets the SuSE Linux distribution, revealed that it was entering into a partnership with Microsoft. Redmond would pay Novell an undisclosed sum in return for Novell recognizing Microsoft's intellectual property claims. Novell received a 'Covenant' promising that it wouldn't be sued by Microsoft."It's a case of 'Damn the people who write the software'", he told us. "Novell is in a desperate position - it has a smaller share of the market than Debian,"" he told The Register. Update: Novell responds to community's questions: here, here and here. Update 2: Havoc Pennington's take.
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'Who could afford 20,000 packages on their Windows system?'

I think you should ask yourself who would want 20,000 programmes on their system.

Not many. People aren't going to use Linux just because you tell them there are 20,000 free programmes available. I know people who have been using Windows for about a decade and have never installed any programme, they just use what came with windows.

I'm a web designer, I use a computer every day, but to me a computer is just a tool, it's not my life or my religion.

It doesn't matter how many free beta and half finsihed GUIless apps there are available for Linux... until Adobe starts seling Linux versions of their apps (along with the Macromedia ones) and I can open an MS word file and have appear exactly they way the person who sent it to me intended I'm not switching to Linux. Without these things I wouldn't be able to work... and although I haven't done any scientific studies I'd bet that i'm not the only one.

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