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Zeta Only a few weeks after the first release of ZETA 1.21, Magnussoft has just announced some details of what can be expected from the next version of ZETA. According to the announcement, the central piece of ZETA 1.5 will be what magnussoft calls project MediaFire, a completely new application for CD and DVD burning, the long awaited multi-user capability and an upgraded SAMBA implementation.
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RE: Giddy
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 8th Nov 2006 08:30 UTC in reply to "Giddy"
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I love seeing all the "updated from Haiku" and "added fix from Haiku" in the notes from magnussoft!

Yes, Bernd and the Haiku guys are really working together at the moment, you can see it in the mailing list where they have various discussions and post new pieces of code to test.

Really good, mutual benefit, you name it.

I understand the need to release new versions of Zeta to retain interest, but it just doesn't seem like there is truly enough in that list for a "1.5" - many items listed are mainly bugfixes and updates..

You do not seem to understand how big an update multiuser is. BeOS is a single-user OS, and making the OS multiuser is a HUGE undertaking. I'd say it warrants a 2.0 designation even.

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