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Fedora Core Yet another review of Fedora Core 6. "I'm through hoping that the next version of Fedora Core will fix all of the problems with the previous release. Fedora's identity has gradually eroded over six releases, finally ending up as a second class clone of Ubuntu. On the other hand, Red Hat Linux was never really all that easy to install, configure, and use, so I guess this is just the natural evolution of a product that was destined to be eclipsed by more complete distributions like Mandriva and more easily configured distributions like SUSE."
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Good review
by Odisej on Wed 8th Nov 2006 13:09 UTC
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I disagree with the above posts. Review is good from the standpoint of an ordinary user. My experience is the same as it is described here and i really, really do not have two days to solve a simple problem of getting my wireless card to work. And not only that. After following some suggestions on how to solve the atheros chip problem, I found out I cannot do it without going even deeper into the system (the instructions which worked for FC5 were not usable on FC6). I am not a student nor am I an IT professional and I do not have much spare time. Even if I would like to I am not able to use Fedora. I just installed the good old Ubuntu back and worked like a charm. If Fedora continues on this track I really do not see its future as a mainstream distribution.

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