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Linux "Lately, I've found myself troubled with the changes taking place with Xandros. As many of you probably know by now, Xandros has gone through a reorganization that meant that they had to layoff roughly five employees. What's even more disturbing is that they are looking at letting go of their support for the desktop market and focusing on the server realm instead. Granted they'll still support their open circulation desktop to some extent, but the fact remains that I'm seeing a possible trend brewing within the Linux Desktop market that has me a little shaken up."
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Sounds logical to me.
by naelurec on Wed 8th Nov 2006 13:13 UTC
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Lets think about this for a few seconds:

server market:
- IT professional maintaining the system
- business critical: much easier to sell support
- long-term relationship (ie customer doesn't elect to go with a freebie distro even though it saves a few $$)
- smaller selection of supported apps & configurations
- other revenue pools (training, certification, books, priority support, etc..)

desktop market:
- Newbie to IT professional maintaining system
- generally not business critical: much easier for customer to go with a free distro once they get "comfortable"
- larger selection of apps that technically should be supported (thousands of apps bundled, etc..)
- wider array of support related questions
- minimal avenues for other revenue
- expectation of customer does not co-incide with reality (ie Win32 support)
- wider range of hardware to support w/limited to no OEM support
- faster evolution of software

Seems logical. Is it a good thing? Perhaps not, but it is (what I perceive to be) reality.

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