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IBM Researchers at IBM are testing software that would let you tote your home or office desktop around on an iPod or similar portable device so that you could run it on any PC. The virtual computer user environment setup is called SoulPad, and consumers install it from a x86-based home or office PC. SoulPad uses a USB or FireWire connection to access the network cards for connecting to the Internet, the computer's display, the keyboard, the main processor and the memory, but not the hard disk.
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RE: scsi
by Earl Colby pottinger on Sun 14th Aug 2005 05:08 UTC in reply to "scsi"
Earl Colby pottinger
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>>>> One could argue the Mac had this feature back in 85 or when ever the SCSI HD was added, any drive could boot almost any willing Mac. Not exactly keychain though but USB drives now store many times what those 1st scsi dives did, wasn't that long ago that 20MByte was a big thing. <<<<

I was just going to say that I was doing this three years ago using the removable hard drives of my Dell laptop. I got the IDE adapter for my desktop computer and Larry got one for his. At that point I could move the hard drive between and three machines and be booting my enviroment in less than twenty seconds. Add in the machines work which at first required me to move the monitor first and I was using 6-8 diffirent machine with the same boot drive.

However, your message reminded me about my own Mac servicing days. And yes I knew more than one Graphic Artist who moved an external SCSI hard drive between the machine at home and the machine at work. A few had no choice as the copy protection only allowed one installation of thier software to be made and if they wanted to use the software at home too it was either buy two copies or install the entire OS, FontSets and needed software on an external hard drive.

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