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Syllable, AtheOS The Syllable team has just released Syllable 0.6.2. Highlights: "A new audio framework for the media server, with new and improved audio drivers and support for multichannel and digital audio; a new look, with new fonts, icons and wallpapers; a huge number of translated applications for non-English users; upgrades to important system components and a switch to GCC 4.1.1, which has yielded noticable performance improvements, and much more."
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Hello from Syllable
by pandronic on Thu 9th Nov 2006 11:13 UTC
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I'm writing this from within Syllable 0.6.2. I've downloaded the Live CD and it worked quite painless. Internet browsing seems a little slow, but it's bearable.

The OS looks better than previsious versions, but still needs some polish. The window decorations look a little too old school for my taste, but thank god, you can change them (Beish looks ok).

Although they claim to support NTFS filesystems, my NTFS partition is not visible from within Syllable.

Abrowse (which uses Gecko, I think) still has some bugs, but it displays most pages as you would expect.
Whisper (the mail client) connects quite slow to the POP server, but otherwise seems to work. It's still quite primitive and needs the same polish as the rest of the applications.
I'm not sure but I think all the GUI widgets could use some tinkering.

I have no ideea how to test the new audio framework. I've tried to play a MP3 file but it says it is an unknown filetype, and the Media Player doesn't seem to work.

That's all for now. Hope it helps

Edit: Back to Windows. Whisper just crashed the OS and I had to reboot.

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