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GNU, GPL, Open Source Novell has partnered with the Software Freedom Law Center to ensure that its partnership with Microsoft does not violate any terms of the General Public Licence. "The SFLC has been offered cooperation by Novell sufficient to permit a confidential audit to determine whether the licence provisions of the GPL have been complied with," SFLC chairman Eben Moglen told
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Damage Control
by Guppetto on Thu 9th Nov 2006 17:42 UTC
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It appears they're now officially in damage control mode. What's surprising is that they seem to be surprised at the general responce their announcment has recieved, but to me the responce should have been a no brainer.

SUSE isn't dead yet and in truth, Novel will likely release a killer Enterprise desktop when the agreement starts bearing fruit, but their reputation is toast. In the open source community, where you don't get a paycheck for all your hard work, your reputation is pretty much all you have. Novell is learning this the hard way for the ump teenth time.

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