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Novell and Ximian "Novell is not SCO. Novell is not the great anti-GPL. Get over it. I'm getting a little tired of the constant Novell-bashing. Do I think that Novell made a smart long term move by partnering up with Microsoft? No, I don't. For the record, the only software company that I can think of that has ever partnered with Microsoft and done well is Citix Systems. And, they did it by acting as if they were a branch of Microsoft. That is not, I repeat not, the case with Novell. What Novell is doing is a smart, short-term move. Novell makes a great Linux, but it's not been making great gains to go with it."
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RE[3]: Of course
by Cutterman on Thu 9th Nov 2006 20:38 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Of course"
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"Novell got money for something else here, and it is pretty obvious for what, so don't defend them. They COULD say, look, we settled for our b2b/web services/SysV/whatever patents, and got 300 mil. They didn't. Why?"

I think something turned up in SCO/Novell/IBM discovery that was potentially lethal for MS - a real showstopper. Patents and/or incriminating documents and/or copyrights.

No-one wants a war, it wouldn't profit anyone. Hovsepian is an old IBMer (17 years service) and he's nobody's fool.

This "agreement" may be a facesaver for MS - with a whole variety of separate IP concessions and NDAs behind the curtain.

Novell/IBM may just have won the biggest victory Linux has ever had, but business is business and they recognised that MS had to be allowed to retain it's dignity.

The reaction from the community was eminently predictable and Novell are not so stupid that they didn't anticipate it. Perhaps they felt that having to absorb this was a fair swap for blowing MS' secrets.

Look forward to Samba and NTFS specs becoming quietly available over the next year.

I think there's a lot more here than meets the eye - the software ecology may just have undergone a major shift.

Time will tell.

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