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Windows Paul Thurrott takes a long look at Vista. "It's hard to put Windows Vista in perspective. On the one hand, the product has been in development for over five years, which means that Vista had one of the longest development cycles in the 20+ year history of Windows. Paradoxically, Windows Vista is both revolutionary and evolutionary. While it includes modern OS features, such as a new hardware-based graphical user interface, Vista will also feel like familiar territory, for the most part, to anyone that's already familiar with Windows XP. And Mac advocates can claim, truthfully, that many of Vista's best features appeared first on Mac OS X, sometimes years ago."
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The real question in my mind is...
by steveftoth on Thu 9th Nov 2006 23:46 UTC
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Ok so they release Vista, big deal. We all have to upgrade to it at some point as MS is the defacto standard. Everyone uses it because everyone uses it.

Is MS changing their development cycles to stop this from happening again? Or are they going to just repeat this and make a Vista Longhorn 2 that will also never fully be released.

No matter how you slice it, Vista had some very major cutbacks from what they were promising. Maybe they should to have done what Apple has done and just slowly release features in a new version every year. Mr Thurott has put Apple in a bad light for only releasing minor upgrades to their OS instead of delivering a revolution like Vista was SUPPOSED to be. Instead we get an upgrade equal to 2-3 years of updates instead of a revolution.

Personally I think that MS was overreaching with their aspirations. They need to release minor updates all the time rather then one huge updates, like the frog in water, it's better to slowly heat the frog rather then throw it in boiling water.

For many people, vista may just be too much of a change I mean why not jump to another (linux/mac) platform if moving to vista will be such a large change?

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