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Mono Project Novell has announced the release of Mono version 1.2, a new version of the Mono project to create an implementation of the Microsoft .Net Framework for open source. Mono 1.2 enhances the open-source effort and is a major step toward compatibility with the .Net Framework 2.0, Novell officials said. Novell announced the new version on Nov. 9 at the Microsoft TechEd Developers conference in Barcelona.
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Not entirely accurate !
by alex_ndc on Fri 10th Nov 2006 01:18 UTC in reply to "One important point in Mono"
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Mono is a good development tool.

Even if it competes directly with Java, Mono is very useful for porting ASP.NET and Windows applications.
Of course, you don't have the WORA promise that Java has, but then again, SUN always wanted to maintain Java's purity, and while that's very good for portable applications, almost all Java desktop applications are crap ... because of Swing and all compromises made for portability reasons, like the package that's also crap.

And although there are GTK bindings for Java and soon we'll also have quality QT bindings provided by Trolltech, Java programmers are so indoctrinated with the WORA promise that it really doesn't matter.
Not to mention that JNI is really hard to program against as compared to P/Invoke.

Also, many companies haven't switched to ASP.NET 2.0, and ASP.NET 1.0 is a fine framework for a web application.

If you have to choose between Java and C#, there's also the question of taste.
C# has features that are not in Java, and vice-versa, and some people prefer Java, and others prefer C#.

People do not understand that the goal of Mono is not to be 100% compatible with .NET.
The goal of Mono, as Miguel de Icaza said numerous times, is to provide a good Linux platform for applications.

If Java will go open-source, great ... but it would be kind of dumb for all programmers to have only 1 choice when it comes to a high-performance virtual machine that runs on top of Linux.

And I don't know where you have those benchmarks from, but Mono moves quite well compared to Python, Ruby, PHP, and the possibilities for optimizations are endless ... and even if Java will always be faster, Mono already has advantages right now, like lower memory consumption.

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