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Mono Project Novell has announced the release of Mono version 1.2, a new version of the Mono project to create an implementation of the Microsoft .Net Framework for open source. Mono 1.2 enhances the open-source effort and is a major step toward compatibility with the .Net Framework 2.0, Novell officials said. Novell announced the new version on Nov. 9 at the Microsoft TechEd Developers conference in Barcelona.
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RE: Not entirely accurate !
by someone on Fri 10th Nov 2006 03:27 UTC in reply to "Not entirely accurate !"
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like the package that's also crap.
Have you had a look at the java.nio package?

And although there are GTK bindings for Java and soon we'll also have quality QT bindings provided by Trolltech, Java programmers are so indoctrinated with the WORA promise that it really doesn't matter.
Java Gnome was not popular because of licensing problems with Sun's JRE (which means installing the JRE on any linux distro used to be a hassle)and immaturity of Classpath.

almost all Java desktop applications are crap ... because of Swing and all compromises made for portability reasons
Personally, I think it has more to do with Sun's lack of focus on the desktop and it's easy to see: Just compare the nativeness of Swing's Windows theme versus Qt's theme (both are emulating the native theme).
They only started to seriously focus on making Java a viable desktop application platform in Java 5. However, Java 6 will bring many improvements to Java SE, including better JIT, desktop integration, more-native looking LnF, instant splash screen among other things.

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