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Oracle and SUN A British executive for Sun said on Friday that the release date for the company's StarOffice 8 suite would now be September 12, almost two months later than originally anticipated. The office productivity software sees wide use in the Linux community, and includes word processing and spreadsheet applications.
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Where is the usual OSS zealotry?
by Anonymous on Sun 14th Aug 2005 15:35 UTC
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Where is the usual OSS zealotry?

- OSS is always cheaper than commercial software because there are no license fees.
- OSS development is incredibly fast because millions of volunteers are participating.
- OSS is always more interoperable because everyone can implement it directly in the source code.
- Microsoft Office cannot open documents that were created in earlier versions of Microsoft Office while can.
- Commercial software should not be used because the manufacturer could get bankrupt while OSS will always be developed by the community.
- Everyone who prefers commercial software over OSS has no clue at all.
- Governments that use commercial software instead of OSS are evil and do that to finance wars.
- and StarOffice are not slow and can open any Microsoft Office document without a problem.
- Microsoft Office does not have more features and a more integrated workflow, it is only used because of vendor lock-in and because people have no clue.
- is not a huge crap of old and unmaintainable cold.
- Even if were not perfect, OSS would still be the better choice for all situations because there are Kword, Abiword and Gnumeric.

So please, OSS zealots, add your thoughts.

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