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OpenStep, GNUstep The popularity of OS X among geeks in recent years has led to a lot more people discovering OpenStep through Cocoa. GNUstep provides a much-needed Free Software alternative, as David Chisnall explains.
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does it really matter?
by nivenh on Sun 12th Nov 2006 04:08 UTC
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openstep is more or less dead w/ regard to the visual aspects of their controls, etc. so long as it looks like NeXT on every platform it runs on (that i've seen, specifically on windows and linux) they can't seriously expect to make any traction. even apple's yellowbox made some attempt to blend in to the platform.

admittedly, i'm not familiar with their latest stuff, so please ignore this if its not an issue anymore and please let me know, as i'd be eager to give it another spin.

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