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PC-BSD "I've been using PC-BSD for approx. 10 Months so I've had enough time to see what life throws at me with it. My first install was 1.0 Release Canadate 1 and I currently run PC-BSD 1.2 (the current release) on my laptop and have a beta version of 1.3 installed on my desktop for testing. This will cover PC-BSD 1.2 and PC-BSD in general. PC-BSD is primarly for desktops but makes a darn good laptop/workstation system." More here.
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RE: Downside...
by Hetfield on Sun 12th Nov 2006 06:32 UTC in reply to "Downside..."
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I've come to detest wireless cards by Intel. FreeBSD's support for them isn't as good as Linux or Windows (which isn't really the developers' but Intel's fault), and I would often experience huge amounts of dropped packets and stalled connections. So I switched to a card based on Atheros and couldn't be happier. Things have been running extremely smoothly since.

Also, I sometimes dual-boot into Windows, and I was surprised to see that the Atheros card seems to run much better than its Intel counterpart there, too, which leads me to believe that Intel products come with serious shortcomings no matter what the platform.

So, do yourself a favor and switch to Atheros. Cards with an Atheros chip can be had on Ebay for little money.

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