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Games "Power Developer is pleased to provide the relevant Linux support patches and documentation for running Linux on the Sony PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3 games console was released in Japan today and will go on sale in the US market on Friday, 17th November."
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by ironfist on Sun 12th Nov 2006 18:03 UTC
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Good work Genesi! This is cool. I am one of the guys
who never plays anything.. If I want to game some I
always have the GameCube laying around..

Ever since it was public that all Next-Gen consoles
would be based on POWER technology I made up my mind.
The first console that lets me install Linux is the one
I am going to purchase.

They are all loaded up with DRM's anyway so a Linux-
lover like me could have easily bought the XBOX 360
if they would allow me to run Linux on it..

Thanks to Genesi it looks like I'm getting a nice PS3.
Thanks Luca and Pieter for making this possible!

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