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Opera Software "Opera Software chief Jon S. von Tetzchner's Web browser, popular with many hardcore computer users, hasn't taken over the industry. The Norwegian company's browser has been around for 12 years but has just 1.5% of the market. Compared to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, or even Mozilla's Firefox, it barely qualifies as an also-ran. But unlike its competitors Microsoft and Mozilla, Opera is focusing a lot of attention on noncomputer devices: mobile phones, videogame consoles or just about anything else you can stick a screen on."
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by Decius on Mon 13th Nov 2006 08:46 UTC in reply to "Opera..."
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What was the last desktop version you used? If it was pre-9, then make sure you check out the link contained in this comment by Joe User It effectively puts the argument of clutter to rest, by showing that the default interface for the newest versions of Opera is no more cluttered than Firefox.

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