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Java The cat is out of the bag: Java will be released under the GPL. Joshua Marinacci writes: "I think it makes a lot of sense because it protects Sun's interest in preventing forks and also the community's interest in knowing that Java will forever be available in the public sphere. The GPL has always provided an option to fork just in case someone takes the code in a bad direction. Historically having this option available ensures that it never needs to actually be used, letting the community grow and thrive."
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I believe this will be a slow transition
by negativity on Mon 13th Nov 2006 10:11 UTC
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This GPL thing for Java should still be a slow process, that is, all of Java won't become GPL this year yet, only some parts of it. Which means that the GPL Java will still need to gain some traction before the effects will be noticed by everybody.

For instance, Sun will continue with their commercial licensing, which means that for the time being, the commercial side of Java will continue with mostly the same rules, I think. Like, will the commercial Java be finally available for embedding in the Linux distros, or we will need to wait a future GPL Java to do that kind of thing?

I am still a little skeptic and weary, though it's a good thing this move by Sun.

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