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Oracle and SUN A British executive for Sun said on Friday that the release date for the company's StarOffice 8 suite would now be September 12, almost two months later than originally anticipated. The office productivity software sees wide use in the Linux community, and includes word processing and spreadsheet applications.
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RE[4]: A stretch
by Celerate on Sun 14th Aug 2005 19:39 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: A stretch"
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Actually the article title is exactly what the BetaNews title is, changing that would be more dishonest imo than changing it to fit your approval since this is just a stub linking to the BN article.

OSNews editors should pick appropriate titles for their own work, but they shouldn't be expected to come up with better titles for other people's work. OSNews links to a lot of articles from other sites, this is something I appreciate but it also means that the editors won't have time to come up with new titles for every article they link to. You can either live with it, or bother the editors until they stop listing any articles but their own.

OSNews editors: Consider the format "BetaNews: [title]" or "Slashdot: [title]" when writing stubs to other articles like this so it will be clear that you are quoting the title from that site and aren't liable for the wording.

Nit Pickers: Nothing is perfect, especially journalism and software; you can either be glad that the mistakes are only small, or complain that there are mistakes. It all comes down to whether the glass is half full or half empty for you, but being pessimistic and complaining about everything isn't cool and won't make you popular here.

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