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Java The cat is out of the bag: Java will be released under the GPL. Joshua Marinacci writes: "I think it makes a lot of sense because it protects Sun's interest in preventing forks and also the community's interest in knowing that Java will forever be available in the public sphere. The GPL has always provided an option to fork just in case someone takes the code in a bad direction. Historically having this option available ensures that it never needs to actually be used, letting the community grow and thrive."
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RE[3]: Good for the World
by santana on Mon 13th Nov 2006 20:50 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Good for the World"
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"I don't think so, I think the license change its a clear showcase of Java losing to .NET "

Once, long time ago, when Vista was announced, and was told to be just around the corner, and feature packed like there's no tomorrow, and .Net's grass was greener (faster, smaller, simpler), and I was working on a small projects, I had a kind of feeling too that .Net is going to storm the world.

Then I started to work on a big, and I mean really big government and bank projects. Java won't go away, ever ;) It is actually unfair to call it "new Cobol", guys from MS camp are simply unaware to whom and for what sums are IBM, Oracle and Sun selling Java to. Those projects aren't just going to go away, or getting switched to something else, probably not in our lifetime.

Oh yes, and Vista was kind of late, with kind of dissapointing feature set, and .Net grass is not so green after all, so, glad I've sticked with Java.

Even more glad now when Sun made it even more appealing .

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