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Linux Knoppix, a Linux live CD, will boot a computer from the optical drive and give a slow but usable graphical user interface. The most recent version comes with Firefox and 2.0 Beta, so if you're already using the Windows equivalent, Knoppix is that much easier to pick up. This still leaves the question, what can be done on a computer without a hard drive?
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"Puppy Linux is the only Linux live-CD I know of that is fast enough to use continually without frustration."

Try Slax. It's brilliant, faster than Knoppix when run from CD and way way faster when loaded into RAM.

Plus it's a brilliantly clean setup.

This whole debate seems kindof pointless to me. HDDless PCs have their place; which isn't everywhere, but where they are useful they are useful and where they're not, they're not? Simple surely?

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