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Windows "Security is the lens through which I always view products like Windows Vista, and in that view it looks good. But there is a bigger picture with Vista for the industry: It's really, really different from previous versions. At many levels it requires a different approach." The Inq took a look at Vista RTM, and they find: "Suffice to say we're impressed. Vista has come a significantly long way since the RC2 build. It's polished, speedy, and looks good on the eye."
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RE: The best Windows OS
by REM2000 on Tue 14th Nov 2006 14:10 UTC
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Windows XP x64 is nothing special, it runs at the same speed for most applications, and requires more memory than XP x32. The driver support is terrible.

Ive tried to use x64 a number of times and it's alway's been the biggest PITA for no reward, if you have 3GB RAM > then i can see how it might be handy however 2GB < x32 is fine.

I agree that Windows 2003 is the best Windows OS so far, it runs very fast, has a number of handy features VSS and R2 makes Win2k3 even better (R2 != Win2k3 with SP1/2) as there are many new features in R2 (folder quota's at last).

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