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Databases After 2 years in development, the Firebird Project today officially releases the much-anticipated version 2.0 of its open source Firebird relational database software during the opening session of the fourth international Firebird Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.
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Well Firebird is a solid database compared to other open source databases. Firebird team forked it from original Interbase so features wise they already had a big advantage compared to MySql or in order to be successful all they needed to do was create good documentation, tutorials, search engine friendly forums/newsgroups and marketing. The new users or people evaluating Firebird did reminded of lack of documentation/tutorials etc frequently but there new documentation project seems to be sluggish. And its not in the style or macromedia doc's site which allows user comments. There yahoo groups based supports mailing list is very good, but not everyone uses a nntp clients...some isp's don't provide it with basic connection. One of there lead recently joined MySql to help mysql in the areas of transactions support etc. There is only one (in english) Firebird book available written by one of the Firebird senior team member and hence lack of good documentation/tutorials on firebird site (just like when jboss project started they didn't provide much doc's on site, I guess here also the business model is same). Firebird is more popular in Brazil and Russia.
A year back there was only one single person developing and maintaining java jdbc driver for Firebird.
In mean time Mysql came out with mysql 4.1.x and mysql 5.x versions basically caught up with there new competition. Mysql added the Foreign keys, stored procedure, sub-queries, triggers etc while Firebird people were still trying to publish there long awaited book and cd's. Also during this time Postgresql came out with windows native port giving firebird serious competition.

Using and migrating to Firebird is easier for someone who is a seasoned enterprise database guy.

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