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ReactOS ReactOS, the open source implementation of a Windows XP/2003 compatible operating system, is announcing a start of a series of interviews with ReactOS developers. The first published interview features the project coordinator Aleksey Bragin. The ReactOS team plans to publish interviews on a weekly basis.
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I agree ReactOS is cool
by destraht on Thu 16th Nov 2006 01:11 UTC in reply to "Thinking of the users"
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I think that the project has huge potential. If the ReactOS and Wine people can work together this project has the potential to make wine more flexible and powerful. I think that there should be an emphasis between the two projects on making the code so that it can be put in three categories: Wine specific, ReactOS specific, and sharable. I've never looked at the code for either project but it just seems smart to me.

Maybe they should even have a sharable source repository between the two projects where they can argue about what comes and what goes? I'm not sure how winelib would play into this. Who knows maybe that wouldn't get along or have much too different goals?

I'm drawing this picture from what I know about Google's Picasa Linux port. They basically took a subset of wine and statically compiled it all together and just tweaked a few user interface issues to make it integrate with the desktop more. Also Transgaming is advertising that they offer professional services to Windows game makers that allow them to basically do the same thing with for Macintosh. I don't really like how Transgaming stole wine in the beginning and closed sourced it but,.., the approach is sound.

Basically trying to make sense of all of this. Wine could become very flexible. Run the code with a ReactOS kernel for a full Windows environment. If you want to port Win32 software to another environment use wine and statically link it with a subset of wine. Or just use to run the program on a *NIX system with the traditional wine.

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