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Apple Many reviews of Apple's new Mighty Mouse have already appeared on the web, and most of them were quite negative. Walter Mossberg even concluded: "Microsoft has beaten Apple on hardware design, at least in this one case." Are these findings correct? To find out, we put the Mighty Mouse to the test.
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by deathshadow on Mon 15th Aug 2005 04:41 UTC
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I remember the first time I saw a mouse... I said "Who flipped over the trackball?"

I cannot say I've seen much improvement in this department, and apples entries in the mice arena have all been rinky little jokes, this being no exception. I tried one at a apple store, and couldn't get it to click EITHER way on things... I asked, the guy working there came over and it worked fine for him, apparantly I was 'doing it wrong'.

A MECHACNICAL trackball barely two mm across atop something with no obvious buttons... Yeah, brilliant design there. For a company who claims to be obsessed with ease of use, I am constantly amazed at how most everything of theirs I've tried runs contrary to that.

Want a REAL pointing device, go get a Logitech Trackman Marble+. (The thumb ball style, not the one with the ball in the middle which sucks because you can't even REACH the buttons)

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