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Linux "Would you have believed at the end of last summer that Microsoft and Novell would partner over Linux, or that Oracle would create its own brand of Linux? Yeah, I wouldn't have believed it either, but here we are. So, what does it all mean? Rather than make a snap judgement I decided to sit, wait and watch before trying to make sense of it all. Now, I'm ready to give you my two-cents on who are the winners and losers in this post-deal Linux world."
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Finally a non chicken little story
by griffinme on Thu 16th Nov 2006 13:49 UTC
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Its nice to see some people are keeping their head in all this. All the people that have been going on about how this bad for Linux and how Novell==SCO need to chill. Novell is not a charity, they are not a non-profit, they have a legal duty to their shareholders to make money. Do you really think they want to hurt Linux? They know their future rests with Linux as their Netware sales continue to decline. They need Linux to be better then Windows so they can sell more support, enterprise editions, etc.

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