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Apple "On the whole, I bought the story too, although I know that it won't all go smoothly. Anyone who owns or is considering buying a Mac has to have questions; these are what I think the answers are."
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RE[3]: Universal Binaries
by japail on Sat 9th Jul 2005 20:57 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Universal Binaries"
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Wolfram could easily port a useful Mathematica to the x86 MacOS X because it was written to be portable and already had an optimized x86 kernel. The amount of time any particular application will require to port will depend on the presence of endian problems, sensitivity to floating point behavior, how dependent on AltiVec the program is, and how many new/different bugs leak through the frameworks to cause unexpected problems.

Even if you can compile a program without the compiler issuing any errors for both platforms, that doesn't mean that it will necessarily work correctly.

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