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ReactOS ReactOS, the open source implementation of a Windows XP/2003 compatible operating system, is announcing a start of a series of interviews with ReactOS developers. The first published interview features the project coordinator Aleksey Bragin. The ReactOS team plans to publish interviews on a weekly basis.
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And Reactos *does not* use Wine, they just cooperating at librarys.

ReactOS very much uses Wine - they sync with Wine code all the time (just look through their changelogs).. Maybe your definition of "use" is different than mine - but if you use code from a project, you're using that project I think.

So basically what you meant to say was "Wine by itself doesn't run much windows software" - which would be a more correct statement... and it really wasn't meant to - thus all the confusion here. Wine is mostly an open-source reimplementation of Windows APIs and libraries. It is not an OS.

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