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GNU, GPL, Open Source The potentially historic Microsoft-Novell pact announced last week, whereby Microsoft would grant patent peace to users of Novell's Suse Linux software in exchange for royalty payments paid by Novell to Microsoft, will be dead by mid-March, promises Eben Moglen, the general counsel of the Free Software Foundation. The FSF controls the license that governs the distribution of Linux and many other key forms of free and open-source software. "It will surely violate GPL version 3," said Moglen, referring to the forthcoming version. "GPL version 3 will be adjusted so the effect of the current deal is that Microsoft will by giving away access to the very patents Microsoft is trying to assert."
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Nobody cares except the hippies
by Don Grayson on Fri 17th Nov 2006 17:29 UTC
Don Grayson
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GPLv3??? Linus is against it and so are the majority of the kernel developers. I haven't heard one commercial distro that's keen on the license and commercial developers who use tools like GTK aren't going to be amused if they go v3, so pretty much it's going to be confined to Debian using the GPLv3 and everybody else forking off any necessary GNU tools.

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