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KDE After a few months of quiet activity, the Appeal desktop project has rolled out a new project website that documents what everyone has been up to and discussing. Since the the last public announcement many things have occurred, including another Appeal meeting being held in Germany. The project is looking forward to sharing its experiences and gathering input from the general KDE developer community at aKademy 2005 later this month.
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RE[2]: I'm not holding my breath.
by aseigo on Mon 15th Aug 2005 14:55 UTC in reply to "RE: I'm not holding my breath."
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> I think Tenor compares more to the Gnome Storage
> project

there are certainly points of crossover, yes.

> it is a real shame that Storage does not receive
> more attention

the biggest problem is that Storage aims to reinvent everything at the beginning. with Tenor we're taking a more pragmatic, measured approach where a Storage like solution is a generation or two down the roadmap.

the inertia from application development and user expectations is just too large to try and switch everything on day 1 successfully.

sometimes you have to ease the revolution in ;)

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