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Games Gamers lined up by the thousands early on Friday, aiming to be one of the first in the United States to buy Sony's PlayStation 3, the multimedia and video game machine that is key to the future of the beleaguered electronics and media conglomerate. Apparantly the PS3 brings world peace or eternal youth, seeing how bonkers people went.
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RE: PS3 is not a PC
by marafaka on Sun 19th Nov 2006 21:16 UTC in reply to "PS3 is not a PC"
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Actually, it's the other way around: PC is not a PS3. Are you aware that all the home computers before PC were mostly game consoles, programmable and simple? Like ... fun? Do you know that the most popular office PC application in the pioneering days was Tetris - there was no PC without that one! I mean ... no PC in any office. Do you know that most people buy their first, and next, and next... machine to entertain themselves? Do you know that you can read email on a 0.5 MHz computer, and that won't be 3.5G/0.5M times slower? And you can play fun games on it to. Do you know that PS3's power a supercomputer? Do you realize, that people don't want to be locked down into weasel consumer schemes? Do you know that running Linux stands for: potentially running anything? Do you know that PS3 is a part of a new wave that has a potential to flush the PC off the scene? That's why we're excited. Power to Sony, Power to the people. Power!

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