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SkyOS After nearly three months of work, the SkyOS team has released a new build of their operating system. Changes include, but are not limited to: desktop compositing working with every graphics card, USB 2.0 stack (with keyboard, mouse, mass storage, printer, card reader, hub, USB-CDROM, and other drivers), SATA drives support, printing stack (about a 1000 USB and network printers supported), and CD/DVD recording support.
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RE: How the hell are ....
by Ronald Vos on Sun 19th Nov 2006 23:19 UTC in reply to "How the hell are ...."
Ronald Vos
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Are you planning to go the BeOS direction? Partial or full compatibility? Are you POSIX compliant?

A quick trip to the FAQ would've answered those, but anyway:
-they're mostly but not 100% POSIX compliant.
-The API is inspired by BeOS (just like the filesystem) but it has it's own API. They've hinted they could implement compatibility layers with other OSes (BeOS' API wouldn't be that far off), but realistically speaking I wouldn't wait for it.

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