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Databases "I had a few minutes to burn today, so I did what I'm sure you were doing: I read the Oracle Enterprise Linux Services Agreement. It's funny what you find when you start digging around in the legalese that governs the Big Announcement that Oracle made. It makes 'Unbreakable Linux' look a little flimsy."
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RE: Indemnification madness
by UglyKidBill on Mon 20th Nov 2006 12:41 UTC in reply to "Indemnification madness"
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Open Source developers. and specially volunteer ones, can´t affor such a legal team to be safe, there lies the attack to OSS at a world wide level.

Also, people get´s concerned and will tend (like in ´feels there is not other safe choice´) to choose big name vendors wich would look more reliable, thus reducing the vendor un-lock effect of OSS. There lies a more narrowed attack, mainly a at USA market level, which is none the less a very important one in terms of the market/business direction.

Of course they are trying to widen this ange by "convincing" Europe to apply sw patents too.

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