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Games has posted a guide on how to install Fedora Core 5 on the PlayStation 3. There are also some videos of Fedora Core 5 running on the PlayStation 3.
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What is the problem?
by danboid on Mon 20th Nov 2006 15:48 UTC
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Yes, I agree that it would've been great if Sony had put more RAM in the PS3 but why oh why are people slagging it off so heavily saying absolute rubbish like

"It's not good enough to run Firefox and Ooo"

Yes it most certainly IS good enough to run those and without breaking a sweat. My dads PC only has 256MB RAM and he runs Ooo and Firefox side by side very nicely and under KDE too thank you very much so the PS3 should handle both these apps easily as well.

I'm amazed by the number of people who seem to be COMPLAINING that you can install OSs on the PS3! Are you people insane? How can this possibly ever be a bad thing? Sony have done everyone a huge favour here and have broke new ground by making it so straightforward on a console. If you don't like it then don't buy one, your complaining isn't helping anything.

Everyone is expecting YDL5 will come with an accelerated 3D X server but I can't say that I've actually heard YDL say this specifically. Anyone know any more about this?

I really want to know how well mencoder, lame and Blender currently run on the PS3. Obviously they'll run much, much faster when they get optimised for the Cell.

Whats the craic with OSX? Sony said themselves it should be able to run it but for legal reasons I somehow can't see them releasing a PS3 OSX GFX driver.

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