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Qt "This article focuses primarily on some technical aspects of Qt, Trolltech's cross-platform C++ toolkit which, as you may know, is the architectural core behind the KDE desktop on Linux. At the end, I show how easy it is to create a simple application without writing a line of code." More here.
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by bnolsen on Tue 21st Nov 2006 04:56 UTC
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It's fine but it does way too much.
It was written at a time the STL wasn't stable.
Now it sort of works with STL but you have to "translate" between the two.

The Qt paradigm tends to "borg" your application, pushing down into the program logic. IMHO that's not a god thing, although it does lock you into Trolltech's licensing scheme.

I'm truly amazed how long it takes to compile the basic libraries. One machine at work takes about 25mins to compile all the Qt stuff. Comparatively it takes about 1:30 (m:ss) to compile the entire FLTK2 package.

Disclaimer: At work we hold the first and second Qt license ever sold. Nowadays we write all our code entirely Qt independent with full unit test cases and everything. We pretty heavily isolate Qt so it only provides UI type things.

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