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Qt "This article focuses primarily on some technical aspects of Qt, Trolltech's cross-platform C++ toolkit which, as you may know, is the architectural core behind the KDE desktop on Linux. At the end, I show how easy it is to create a simple application without writing a line of code." More here.
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RE: Clearing up some FUD
by bnolsen on Tue 21st Nov 2006 15:31 UTC in reply to "Clearing up some FUD"
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My code internals don't need internationalization.

When I want to see the condition number of the matrix I'm inverting I only need to print it out my debug in ascii. I don't unicode for any of that. Unicode is ultimately useful for interfacing, works well on the gui side. But it doesn't belong in my image processing algorithms.

Part of the bloat of Qt is that there are about 3+ ways to do the same thing. You may use the signal slot mechanism. If you don't want to use that you can override the event methods from the underlying widgets and handle events that way. If you don't like that then you can install an event filter on a widget and handle events that way. If you get too fancy with signal/slots then you end up with a signalling nightmare and issues with event tracking.

Not to mention Qt4 really bloated things by so tightly coupling everything with their MVC paradigm, especially in the Table and ListView widgets.

I mean it's all fine, there's a potential do lots of things, but I seriously question if all this featurization is really necessary and if it's really worth all the baggage that comes along with it.

I will say that I haven't really seen a good replacement for Qt yet, although I would like to spend more time with fltk2 to see if it does have enough to make it useable. I do like their KISS paradigm.

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