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Graphics, User Interfaces In this article Joel talks about the number of choices in applications. "This highlights a style of software design shared by Microsoft and the open source movement, in both cases driven by a desire for consensus and for "Making Everybody Happy," but it's based on the misconceived notion that lots of choices make people happy, which we really need to rethink."
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Ridiculous in every single way
by Invincible Cow on Tue 21st Nov 2006 21:22 UTC
Invincible Cow
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It's ridiculous that we have that many choices for turning off a laptop. Now, what's worse, these choice doesn't satisfy my needs (which are rather basic)! (I want to hibernate and reboot into Linux.)

I think there should be two buttons: Turn off and switch user. The turn off button would hibernate the computer. The switch user button would log the user out.

Additional options (especially "restart") could be available via a right-click menu or some other clever "intuitive" mechanism normal users will never find.

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