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Novell and Ximian Novell and Microsoft recently entered into an agreement regarding software patents (really?) that betrays the rest of the Free Software community, including the very people who wrote Novell's own system, for Novell's sole financial beneift, according to Bruce Perens. Join Perens in signing an open letter to Novell's CEO Ron Hovsepian. "As the agreement stands today, it betrays the authors of the software you re-market and their users worldwide for Novell's sole commercial benefit."
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by linux_yogi on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 19:02 UTC in reply to "Bruce Perens ..."
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i think People like Bruce Perens has taken a responsibility of protecting free software form abuse. if you just want to write free software then feel free to join the project and write your code. the question here is not just about writing the code. the community cannot accept that fact that the time and effort spend to develop all the software has been actually abused by the very company that tried to kill the community.

i feel like the philosophy of OSS is in jeopardy rather then few software programs. the most surprising fact is that OSS need a protection form Microsoft.

this pact has also put company like Red Hat is a really bad expositions. accept the devils proposal or we will go open telling the world that anyone who used Linux we will sue your ass. just this bad rap about suing company by Microsoft might cause some serious problem and give Novell an advantage.

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