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Novell and Ximian Novell and Microsoft recently entered into an agreement regarding software patents (really?) that betrays the rest of the Free Software community, including the very people who wrote Novell's own system, for Novell's sole financial beneift, according to Bruce Perens. Join Perens in signing an open letter to Novell's CEO Ron Hovsepian. "As the agreement stands today, it betrays the authors of the software you re-market and their users worldwide for Novell's sole commercial benefit."
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The reason people think Microsoft is evil...
by Shaman on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 21:18 UTC
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2005-11-15 because they keep proving it over and over. You have to be completely blind to the history of the company not to understand that they are the biggest, hungriest fish in the water. And like all big fish, they don't like competition in what they see as their exclusive pond.

Luckily, the biggest fish aren't always the fastest or the smartest and they get pushed harder by the current than smaller fish.

The biggest problem we face is that Microsoft is a big fish that never seems to tire and never seems to be satiated. It just gets distracted sometimes.

Enough analogies for today, I think.

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