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Novell and Ximian Novell and Microsoft recently entered into an agreement regarding software patents (really?) that betrays the rest of the Free Software community, including the very people who wrote Novell's own system, for Novell's sole financial beneift, according to Bruce Perens. Join Perens in signing an open letter to Novell's CEO Ron Hovsepian. "As the agreement stands today, it betrays the authors of the software you re-market and their users worldwide for Novell's sole commercial benefit."
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bravo for Perens
by JeffS on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 21:21 UTC
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This is an excellent letter from Bruce Perens.

Especially the part about patent trolls (companies that don't produce anything, but just file patents on common ideas, so they can extort money from true innovators), who have received MS money, who will no doubt launch an MS attack by proxy. The Novell/MS deal gave ammunition to the patent trolls.

And to those who are taking a "who cares?" stance about the Novell/MS deal, just read Steve Ballmer's comments from last week. Those comments make Microsoft's intentions crystal clear.

Also, bring on the GPL v3. I can't come fast enough. And it doesn't matter if Torvalds and the Linux kernel devs adopt it. The entire GNU tool chain will, and that is a huge chunk of any Linux distro (including Novell/SuSE). The GPL v3 will ensure that either the patent agreement is dropped entirely, or any relevant patents will apply to all distros/developers/companies/users, not just SuSE (as MS wants, for divide and conquer purposes).

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