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Slackware, Slax Open Addict reviews Slackware Linux 11.0, and concludes: "The latest Slackware release is more of the same pure Slackware goodness from Patrick and Company. It doesn't drastically diverge from 10.2 but adds some new software packages and includes some newer kernel support. Hardware detection is pretty much as basic as it can be with much of the configuration and tweaking on you - the end user. Thankfully, it isn't hard to configure Slackware through its easy to find textfile-based configuration files, but newbies might be lost."
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but newbies might be lost.
by drynwhyl on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 23:31 UTC
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> but newbies might be lost.

I dont think Patrick has sleepless nights over this issue.

Whats this bullshit lately about making each and _every_ distro "newbie friendly"? Whats the point of judging a distro on its "newbie friendliness" even though the distro is explicitely _not_ aimed at unwilling to learn newbies?

Whats next? "Solaris hard to configure, newbies might be lost, everybody stick to Ubuntu."?

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