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Slackware, Slax Open Addict reviews Slackware Linux 11.0, and concludes: "The latest Slackware release is more of the same pure Slackware goodness from Patrick and Company. It doesn't drastically diverge from 10.2 but adds some new software packages and includes some newer kernel support. Hardware detection is pretty much as basic as it can be with much of the configuration and tweaking on you - the end user. Thankfully, it isn't hard to configure Slackware through its easy to find textfile-based configuration files, but newbies might be lost."
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Slackware is easy
by JeffS on Thu 23rd Nov 2006 00:28 UTC
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Slackware, IMHO, is as easy as say, Madriva. It's just that the configuration and set up is in the command line, editing text files, and ncurses menu driven utilities, rather than shiney GUIs.

But the documentation is so good (and succint, and easy), and the cofig files very well commented, with Slackware, that doing the configuration is as easy, if not easier, than any fancy GUI tools offered by "newbie friendly" distros.

Also, the system itself, is well, simplicity itself. Everything is so well assembled and put together, and there is so little complexity and bloat, the making stuff work is simple.

After having gone through the full gammut of distros, that were supposedly more desktop oriented and easier, I've come to really appreciate Slackware's simplicity, stability, extreme lack of bugs, extreme efficiency and speed, and overall elegance and beauty of the system. Other distros, save for a few fine Slack deriviatives (Zenwalk and Slax are both great), I now look at as being too bloated, buggy, and unstable.

It's like the feeling I first got when getting into Linux (RH 7.3 / 9.0 back then), jumping from Windows. RH seemed so much more efficient and stable than bloated, buggy, unstable Windows. Now I get that same feeling when using Slackware, comparing it to other distros.

Prior to using Slackware, I always kept it at a distant, and didn't fully understand why so many people sang it praises so heavily, and remained so fiercly loyal to it. I kind of dismissed then as elitist uber geeks wanting an ultra hard, command line driven, elitist distro.

But that changed, of course, when I started using Slackware. I found, shockingly, that it is really quite easy to install. I had Slack 11 installed on 1.2 GHz cpu, 256 meg RAM, laptop, fully configured (with added regular user, X set up automatically, runlevel set to 4 booting into KDE, etc), and tons of software (3 gigs worth), in under 30 minutes.

Then working with the system, and tweaking, and adding new software with pkgtool, installpkg, et al, was a snap.

I now understand why people say "Once you go Slack, you never go back".

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