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Microsoft "For the last year or so, one of the questions I've been asked again and again has been: "Can I use the new Office user interface in my own product?" On one hand, it's an immensely satisfying question to hear, because it means that others in the industry believe in the value of what we've built and see how the sound UI research we've done can benefit their own products. Creating the new user interface has been our team's passion for the last three years, and we love sharing the fruits of this hard work. On the other hand, the new Office user interface was a huge investment by Microsoft and the resulting intellectual property belongs to Microsoft."
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I love ribbons ...
by MacTO on Thu 23rd Nov 2006 05:18 UTC
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... it's just too bad that Microsoft is claiming to own the IP because I saw something very similar in WordPerfect for the Mac.

If you have a Mac that supports the classic Mac OS you should try WordPerfect 3.5e. Corel offered it as a free download a few years back and it will run handily on most dusty 68k's through the latest PowerPCs.

As for FOSS developers coming up with innovative interfaces. I think it's a great idea and there is plenty of room left for them to do so. The only problem is that they are criticized when they create anything innovative because people don't appear to like change. ;)

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