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Games Ars reviews the PlayStation 3 personal computer game console, and they say: "The PS3 doesn't have any grand ideas; Sony wanted something high-tech, so they started from scratch with the processor and GPU, but what does it get them? Very little so far. The controller is a mash-up of ideas from their old systems, the 360's triggers, and the Wii's motion-sensing capabilities, but once it has that tech it doesn't really know what to do with it. The Blu-ray adds cost, but adds very little to the gaming experience for the user. It's great as a media player, but for those of us who love games first and foremost, we have to look at it skeptically. The PS3 is a system with no core message, and that is what keeps it from being elegant. Will it do great things in the future? I hope so, the possibility and potential are certainly there. For now, it's power looking for a mission statement."
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PS3 Is a computer
by bnolsen on Thu 23rd Nov 2006 05:23 UTC
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Recent linux specmarks show the Cell's PPE by itself runs the same specmarks as a Mac G5.

If I can abuse the SPE's to run separate compilation threads or use them to kick some ass on rigid body dynamics, then it would be an awesome dev machine with the ability to boot up into some casual gaming.

Honestly though I'd much rather just buy a workstation with a couple of cell processors inside. Also reports are that Cell itself costs under $80 per unit. Anyone know if IBM or anyone plans on selling these types of workstations?

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