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Linux While Microsoft may cast the Nov. 2 patent cooperation agreement it pushed on new partner Novell Inc. as a way to protect corporate users of the SUSE Linux operating system from potential lawsuits, CIOs today said they weren't worried in the first place.
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RE: Thinking outside the box...
by Lunitik on Thu 23rd Nov 2006 07:05 UTC in reply to "Thinking outside the box..."
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"weakened a resurging competitor"

Novell? Resurgant? Have you been looking at their revenue statements?

No one buys into what Novell is selling because, imo, no one really knows... they are an open source company, but they have a whole suite of applications that are proprietary... they're a proprietary company, but they're leveraging open source....

They made Netware look bad by pushing another operating system on customers.... and even if its not, most decision makers wont' care about that so much...

Novell just seems to be jumping on any band wagon that looks like it could make them a buck.

Novell will never be successful again until they commit to ONE strategie, and "mixed source' doesn't count as comitting.

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