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Games Ars reviews the PlayStation 3 personal computer game console, and they say: "The PS3 doesn't have any grand ideas; Sony wanted something high-tech, so they started from scratch with the processor and GPU, but what does it get them? Very little so far. The controller is a mash-up of ideas from their old systems, the 360's triggers, and the Wii's motion-sensing capabilities, but once it has that tech it doesn't really know what to do with it. The Blu-ray adds cost, but adds very little to the gaming experience for the user. It's great as a media player, but for those of us who love games first and foremost, we have to look at it skeptically. The PS3 is a system with no core message, and that is what keeps it from being elegant. Will it do great things in the future? I hope so, the possibility and potential are certainly there. For now, it's power looking for a mission statement."
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by Priest on Thu 23rd Nov 2006 16:43 UTC in reply to "idiots"
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"The 360 is estimated to be loosing about 50-100$ per console at this point, with further cost cuts inline in 2007 to bring it to profit per console"

Actually, I think the more recent figures from iSuppli say the cost of the Xbox 360 premium system is in the ballpark of $323 leaving them with ~$75 of profit per console (source:

There are no numbers for the core 360, and the same article says the PS3 takes a loss of $306 for the basic model and $241 for the premium system.

Not surprisingly, MS seems to have gotten it right the second time around.

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