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Slackware, Slax Open Addict reviews Slackware Linux 11.0, and concludes: "The latest Slackware release is more of the same pure Slackware goodness from Patrick and Company. It doesn't drastically diverge from 10.2 but adds some new software packages and includes some newer kernel support. Hardware detection is pretty much as basic as it can be with much of the configuration and tweaking on you - the end user. Thankfully, it isn't hard to configure Slackware through its easy to find textfile-based configuration files, but newbies might be lost."
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by unixtourist on Fri 24th Nov 2006 07:48 UTC
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Well linux is a unix clone but its close enough for the average joe..

Actually, most of the time you dont need a development
package to compile something and if you do , most of the time, there is a guide. The number of "How to's" and user tweaks in the Ubuntu Forums is astonishing.
Is Ubuntu a "windows replacement"? I'm not sure what that means exactly or why it woudn't be a goal of linux in general and Slackware in particular as well(.tgz files).

By the way I worked as a professional programmer
so I DO appreciate slackware's design. It is far more stable and better thought out than others(hello gentoo, arch) But even programmers want to get stuff up and running quickly.
We also like a system that is easy to hack -should we feel like it or need to - and customize...Ubuntu gives both and hence is really more like a BETTER windows.

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