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RISC OS A whole flurry of RISC OS news the last few days. A port of Gnash is in the works, while a survey showed that users of the RISC OS word processors TechWriter/EasiWriter want .doc support. Meanwhile, RISC OS got transparent windows. Drobe also has a short article on re-writing RISC OS.
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RE: Any ideas?
by steve_s on Fri 24th Nov 2006 09:48 UTC in reply to "Any ideas?"
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RISC OS was a popular platform in UK schools for quite some time. As for home users, it was always over-shadowed by other platforms such as the Amiga and ST. Acorn probably sold considerably less than 500,000 RISC OS machines around the world, with most of them going to education.

The current active RISC OS userbase can only be a few thousand, however many people look back with fondness on the platform.

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