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Microsoft "For the last year or so, one of the questions I've been asked again and again has been: "Can I use the new Office user interface in my own product?" On one hand, it's an immensely satisfying question to hear, because it means that others in the industry believe in the value of what we've built and see how the sound UI research we've done can benefit their own products. Creating the new user interface has been our team's passion for the last three years, and we love sharing the fruits of this hard work. On the other hand, the new Office user interface was a huge investment by Microsoft and the resulting intellectual property belongs to Microsoft."
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by oomingmak on Fri 24th Nov 2006 17:29 UTC
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If (as Microsoft claim) they are so interested in interface consistency, then why have they not bothered putting the ribbon interface into Outlook?

Microsoft are happy enough to approve a program for release that forces Office 2007 users to flip between old and new UI paradigms within the same application suite. This is UI consistency how exactly?

And let's not forget the non-standard 'File Open' and 'Save As' dialogs used in previous Office versions (which not only break many 3rd party dialog add-on utilities, but which also does not even follow Microsoft's own guidlines on the use of such dialogs).

I still curse everytime I open a browse dialog in Office and have to DOUBLE-click my my way down a tree, despite the fact that my Desktop has been set to SINGLE-click.

Every other application that I use (even those with customised dialogs) manages to respect my OS setting for item click activation and hover selection, but needless to say Microsoft Office does not.

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