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Novell and Ximian Novell and Microsoft recently entered into an agreement regarding software patents (really?) that betrays the rest of the Free Software community, including the very people who wrote Novell's own system, for Novell's sole financial beneift, according to Bruce Perens. Join Perens in signing an open letter to Novell's CEO Ron Hovsepian. "As the agreement stands today, it betrays the authors of the software you re-market and their users worldwide for Novell's sole commercial benefit."
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Muddying the waters
by th3rmite on Fri 24th Nov 2006 21:16 UTC
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All of this bickering and infighting is going to cause Linux severe harm if we don't stop it now.

In order to ween the indivdual users away from Windows, we are going to have to target the corporations first.

All of this fighting is just going to stir the waters and make the future of Linux look unstable. The majority of Corporations, when looking for a computer platform, are going to look at Linux and have doubts about legal issues. They will all just go with the old standby Windows instead of using an alternative OS.

This is the time the OSS community needs to stand together and be strong, not tear ourselves apart from the inside out.

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