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OSNews, Generic OSes House is a demo of software written in Haskell, running in a standalone environment. It is a system than can serve as a platform for exploring various ideas relating to low-level and system-level programming in a high-level functional language.
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would be cool if...
by alphaVirgo on Sat 25th Nov 2006 16:09 UTC
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Every operating system project has to build its own drivers and driver system. It is difficult to build a stable and reliable kernel in an unsafe language like C. It would be so much better if we had a hardware abstractin layer in a secure language and all drivers would be written for that subsystem, so all an OS has to care about is interfacing with the HAL and the rest like scheduling and memory management is handled by the OS (which can be written in any language). This would make it so much easier to play with new OS conepts. Hardware manufacturers would only need to write a driver for each architecture instead of each OS. Just think about the possibilities. We wouldn't need to care about drivers, anymore.

Is Haskell fast enough to make this possible or do we have to hope that projects like DST ( will become more successful?

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